Guest Bloggers

EntrepreLoser is a blog that teaches young entrepreneurs what NOT to do when starting and running a business. There are many sources out there that give inexperienced entrepreneurs vague and generalized advice that isn’t tailored towards anyone; this isn’t one of those sources. I give practical, reliable, and most importantly detailed advice on the things to avoid when starting and running a business. That’s the tone of this blog. My goal is to build a network of successful entrepreneurs and Entreprelosers, working together for the good of young, inexperience entrepreneurs everywhere. I welcome all guest bloggers that have business experience; successful entrepreneurs and EntrepreLosers alike. Don’t have business experience? that’s fine; as long as you write a compelling, well-crafted, and differentiated article that teaches young entrepreneurs something about starting and running a successful business, I’ll will consider publishing it. I will not publish every article I receive. Articles have to meet editorial standards and fit into the content strategy. Just because you email us an article does not mean I’ll post it. In fact, you can pitch me an idea for an article and I’ll let you know if I’m interested (that way, you don’t have to go through the trouble of writing an entire article without knowing if I’ll accept it or not). Here are the guidelines that EVERY guest blogger must follow when writing an article for the blog:

-Every article must reflect the tone of a typical EntrepreLoser blog post.

-You’re allowed to include a short author bio (1-3 sentences) including a maximum of 1 anchor text link that links back to your website.

-High quality, original articles only; no duplicate content (Google hates duplicate content).

-Every article must be thoughtfully crafted, not crammed with keywords that the author wants to rank for on search engines.

-Every article must be at least 700 words; A well-written, informative article that is detailed and presents real life examples is usually around 700-1000 words.

-If your article is the vague, generalized, unspecific crap that every other source is publishing, we will not post it.

-No link building scheme articles. Links must be relevant to the subject matter of the article. If your article contains too many links, we will not post it.

-If you’re using data, charts, graphs, and other third party content, please make sure it’s accurate.

-No swear words; be creative and think of another word that will suffice.


If you want to submit a pitch or an article, send it via email to Thanks for your contribution.