Social Media Transformed My Blog…True Story!




Social media can play a huge role in marketing a business. It creates promotional opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Young entrepreneurs and startups can grow their companies by simply engaging with online consumers in various ways and building a strong following. This blog is living proof that when paired with a solid strategy, social media is a very effective marketing tool. In fact, social media provided this blog with a great exposure opportunity just weeks after its launch.

When I first started promoting the EntrepreLoser blog on Twitter, one of my goals was to make a lasting impression. Social media platforms like Twitter can be very impersonal; you’re only allowed 140 characters to introduce yourself, and with millions of people using the social network, it’s hard to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Therefore, I had to devise a plan or strategy that would allow me to connect with other users in a memorable way. I eventually came up with the idea of writing an article titled “How to make a lasting impression on Twitter” and tweeting this article to every user that followed me. I assumed that since I wanted to engage with people in a memorable way, other users would want to do the same. Solving someone’s problem or helping someone achieve their goal is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to make a lasting impression.

Tweeting EVERY single user that follows you is not as simple as you may think; it’s a very tedious, time-consuming, and complex task. Anyone can tweet “hey, read my article”, but that tweet probably won’t work. Someone with marketing knowledge understands that it takes a well-crafted, persuasive tweet to compel someone to execute the action you want them to execute. People are very sensitive; no one wants to be told what to do and no one like being force-fed advice; however, everyone loves receiving helpful advice that they CHOOSE to receive.

After figuring out what you want to say (or tweet) to another user, the most important part of a social media campaign is being consistent. Marketing (in general) can be frustrating at times, especially in the beginning of a marketing campaign; why? Because you don’t have any momentum; you have to create it. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective forms of advertising, but you have to be the first “mouth” to spread the “word”, and your efforts have to be consistent. Many young entrepreneurs and startups pull the plug on a marketing campaign if it doesn’t work fast enough, which isn’t smart. You have to be patient when it comes to marketing; even if you don’t see immediate results, the campaign may still be working.

As I started executing my Twitter marketing strategy, one of the things I realized was that people were very grateful for the free advice I was handing out. Users would respond with a “thank you” tweet or favorite and retweet the original tweet I sent them. The campaign wasn’t really generating more visitors to my blog, but I knew I had to be consistent and stay optimistic. Eventually, my efforts were rewarded.

I got offered an opportunity to be a guest on a popular blog called CoActive Dreams. The owner, Cherrie McKenzie, checked out the EntrepreLoser blog (after receiving one of my promotional tweets) and loved the premise so much that she decided to interview me for an episode on her weekly podcast show. It was a great experience! I definitely recommend that everyone (including you) visit her blog and listen to the podcast episode; it’s titled “Ok To Fail…But What happens When You Do?” In the interview, I talk about my old business, the reasons it failed, the lessons I learned, and why I started this blog, along with the advice I would give to other young entrepreneurs and startups.

Just as I mentioned earlier, social media creates promotional opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Without Twitter, I never would’ve been able to connect with Cherrie and be a guest on her weekly podcast blog. Also, if I would’ve given up on my Twitter marketing campaign when it wasn’t generating the results I expected, I would’ve missed out on the aforementioned great opportunity that created much needed exposure for this blog. If you’re going to promote your business on social media (and you should), make sure you remember the tips I shared in this article; In order to effectively engage with users on social networking platforms like Twitter, you have to create well-crafted, messages that help users solve a problem or reach a goal, you have to connect with as many followers and fans as you possibly can, and you have to consistently execute the first two steps, if even if they don’t immediately generate results.


Do you have any social media marketing tips? Success stories? Don’t be shy! Share your experiences in the comments section below.


-Mike, creator of EntrepreLoser


About Mike

Hey, I'm Mike. I started the blog EntrepreLoser to give advice to young entrepreneurs who have a great idea and don't know where to start. I ran a company for two years, and even though it failed, I learned valuable lessons that will help any young entrepreneur successfully start and run a business. Why should you listen to me? Because I know what NOT to do when starting and running a business. I made so many mistakes as a small business owner and I don't want other young entrepreneurs to made the same mistakes I made. Many people give advice on what you should do when starting a business, but few (if any) explain what NOT to do, and that's what this blog is about. Enjoy!
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