How To Make a Lasting Impression on Twitter



Twitter is a very powerful platform; entrepreneurs shouldn’t fall in love with it, but if used correctly, it could really increase your social media presence, help you connect with potential buyers, and convert said potential buyers into paying customers and brand ambassadors. However, few people (only Twitter experts) know how to effectively use the social network. Many assume that the job is done after a user follows them, when in fact, the job is just beginning.


Because of its structure, Twitter is a very impersonal social networking platform; it’s hard for users to build genuine relationships, whether business or personal. However, it’s not impossible. In this short article, I’m going to share a few tips on how to not only make a great first impression on Twitter, but how to make a lasting impression and build genuine relationships with your followers. 


Tip #1: Use the word “Hi” or “Hey” in your Profile Bio

This is such a simple tip that many Twitter users fail to use. Think about it, when you first introduce yourself to someone in public, do you just start shouting out where you work and the URL to your blog or business website? Of course not. Therefore, why do so many people do it on Twitter? This is one of the reasons why Twitter is so impersonal. If you want to make a lasting impression and be remembered, it starts with your bio. Use the greetings “Hi” or “Hey”; it adds a personal touch to an impersonal introduction. It’s okay to let people know what you do and list the link for your website, but also let them know who you are and what you stand for; what are your dreams? Goals? Aspirations? Hobbies? Let them know why you’re interesting and why they should remember you.


Tip #2: Make Sure your Profile Pic, Header Image, and Bio Relate to Each Other

Here’s another tip that Twitter users rarely use. Too many times I see profile pics that have nothing to do with the header image, or header images that have nothing to do with the bio text. It’s insane. People remember themes. If your bio text, profile pic, and header image all convey different themes, that’s three different things that a person has to remember about you, and guess which one they’ll remember? None of them, because it’s too difficult. Make sure your profile pic, header image, and bio text all relate to one another. Create a theme for your profile. It’ll help people remember you.


Tip #3: Make sure your Profile Summary is Easily Readable (Twitter JUST solved this problem, so disregard this tip and move on to Tip #4)

You’ve probably never asked yourself this question, so I’ll do it for you; is your profile summary readable? Think about it; when you search for a specific user or click on a user’s name in the “Who To Follow” section, you are not taken to their full Twitter profile page; the link brings up their profile summary, which shows you their profile pic, username, bio text, number of tweets, number of followers, number of users they’re following, and their latest tweets. The header image is the backdrop for everyone’s profile summary, and this may interfere with the readability of the text in your bio. If the header image is too light or doesn’t contrast well with the white text of the bio, it makes the bio text very hard to read, which may deter people from following you. In order to view your profile summary (to see if it’s readable), log into Twitter from another account, search for your profile using your name, and click on the link; this will bring up your profile summary. If it’s easily readable, you’re fine. If not, change your header image to a darker colored image.


Tip #4: Produce a lot of Content using TwitterFeed

One of the hardest things about managing a twitter account is consistently producing high quality, original content, especially if you’re not a comedian (funny people always have something to say). Luckily for all of us, there are tools on the market like TwitterFeed that help us consistently tweet content to our followers, even if we’re having trouble creating great content. TwitterFeed is a Twitter automation tool that tweets content on your behalf (whether you’re online or offline) from your favorite RSS feeds. No matter what type of online publications you like following (marketing, business, tech, entertainment, sports, etc.), you can link the RSS feed (which is simply a syndication system for a website’s content) to your TwitterFeed account and your profile will automatically tweet updates from that RSS feed. Let’s be honest, unless you have thousands of tweets, people won’t follow you. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get your tweet numbers up and acquire more followers.


Tip #5: Retweet and Favorite Tweets

This is a really simple tip to follow, and some of you are probably already doing it. One of the best ways to connect and engage with other Twitter users is by retweeting and favoriting their tweets. By doing this, you’re indirectly introducing yourself to that user. Because you retweeted or favorited their tweet, they will now look at your profile and there’s a high percentage that they’ll follow you, or at least retweet or favorite one of your tweets.


Tip #6: Direct Message or Tweet Everyone that Follows You

I saved the best tip for last. Direct messaging or tweeting new (and old) followers is the most efficient way of making a lasting impression. However, there is a downside if you approach this tip in the wrong way. Don’t direct message or tweet people specific instructions, like “Like our Facebook Page” or “Read my blog”, or “Go to this website [insert URL].” Instead, give them advice; help them out with a specific problem. For example, when I engage new (and old) followers, I use the message, “Hey! Thanks for following. Here are some tips on how to make a lasting impression on Twitter [URL of this blog post].” You see, instead of telling the user to read my blog, I offer them a gift; which is advice on how to make a lasting impression on Twitter, a problem that many users struggle with. My blog just happens to be the format in which the gift is received.


I’m sure I missed a few tips; can you think of any? What are some other tips for making a lasting impression and being remembered on Twitter?


-Mike, creator of EntrepreLoser



About Mike

Hey, I'm Mike. I started the blog EntrepreLoser to give advice to young entrepreneurs who have a great idea and don't know where to start. I ran a company for two years, and even though it failed, I learned valuable lessons that will help any young entrepreneur successfully start and run a business. Why should you listen to me? Because I know what NOT to do when starting and running a business. I made so many mistakes as a small business owner and I don't want other young entrepreneurs to made the same mistakes I made. Many people give advice on what you should do when starting a business, but few (if any) explain what NOT to do, and that's what this blog is about. Enjoy!
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4 Responses to How To Make a Lasting Impression on Twitter

  1. I don’t read or ever go to DM messages, so much of them are automated that I never go there and many people are the same way. Now, if I need to DM someone private information I will MT them and let them know I sent a DM.

    • Allen Screen says:

      I totally understand. In fact, I don’t DM anyone anymore; I simply send them a tweet; DMs are still a great way to engage but you’re correct, many of them are automated

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