Unemployed: The Story of EntrepreLoser



Hey, my name is Mike and I’m an EntrepreLoser…let me explain. After graduating from college, I started an internet company. Starting and running a successful company had always been a dream of mine since I was in high school, so as you can imagine, I was pretty psyched when I made the decision to dive into the entrepreneur world as a Founder and CEO. I had a great idea and the work ethic necessary to be great, however, there were a couple of things that I lacked… Continue reading

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Leads and Landing Pages

EntrepreLoser - More_Leads


Generating leads – or finding people that may purchase your product or service—is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Sadly, many young entrepreneurs don’t know any effective approaches to generate a lead. Many think social media ALONE is enough to reach and convert consumers into customers, which experienced entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers know is false. Generating leads, high quality leads that can be cultivated into new customers through the sales funnel or inbound marketing process (whichever approach you deem more effective) is a science. It takes a Continue reading

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3 Effective Branding Strategies For Your Startup



Over 500,000 businesses were launched in 2012 – I’m not kidding, over 500,000. Because there are so many companies operating in today’s market, chances are there are numerous companies offering the same products and services that you’re offering. However, the thing that could differentiate your company from the others is an effective branding strategy. Branding – the way consumers perceive your company – is more important than ever. Young entrepreneurs have to be able to set their company apart from the crowd. They have to be able to not only deliver a quality product, but also deliver a quality, differentiated message to consumers. Continue reading

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The 4 Best Marketing Strategies For Startups



Previously, I wrote article titled “How to create a detailed marketing plan” which expresses the importance of creating a marketing plan and outlines the steps necessary to create one. Even though it’s a very informative article, I recently realized that I forgot to recommend marketing strategies that are actually effective…my mistake L. As an ex small business owner, I know how overwhelming it is to create a marketing plan, especially when you don’t know which strategies will work and which strategies are a complete waste of time.  That’s why in this article, I’ll recommend four marketing strategies that will remove your startup from obscurity and place it in the brightest of spotlights. Continue reading

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How To Create a FREE Website for Your Business


Every business needs a website. A company may have been able to operate without one in the past, but in 2014, having a website is a necessity. The average consumer uses the internet to research products and services before making a purchasing decision, and if your business isn’t on the internet, you’re missing on potential revenue. Word-of-mouth marketing (by itself) isn’t good enough anymore. Once a consumer learns of a company’s existence, he or she wants to be able to look up the company on the internet and find a professional-looking, informative and interactive website that expresses the company’s mission, vision, products and services (with descriptions and pictures), and contact information. Unfortunately, young entrepreneurs or startups may not have the finances to contract a professional web designer or hire a web design firm to create a custom website, which can vary in cost from $2000-$10,000. Luckily, hiring professional help isn’t the only option; young entrepreneurs and startups can take a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach and create their own business website for under $100. Continue reading

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How To Conduct Market Research and Why It’s Crucial To The Success of Your Business



It’s the most overlooked part of starting and running a business, however, it is so vital to the success of a company. Conducting market research is necessary for numerous reasons, but the overall purpose of it is to determine the one thing that young entrepreneurs and startups don’t want to question – whether there is a market for the products and services that they’re selling… Continue reading

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How To Write a Business Plan in 2014



In one of my previous articles, I talked about the reasons why every young entrepreneur should write a business plan before starting a business. I expressed that a business plan is essential, and that failing to write one could have dire consequences on your businesses performance. Even though many young entrepreneurs would rather operate without one, a business plan ensures that your company has a strategy to penetrate the market, acquire customers, and sustain profitability.

In the past, business plans were long, vague, and fluff-filled documents with perplexing financials that no one wanted to read. Now, Continue reading

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Social Media Transformed My Blog…True Story!




Social media can play a huge role in marketing a business. It creates promotional opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Young entrepreneurs and startups can grow their companies by simply engaging with online consumers in various ways and building a strong following. This blog is living proof that when paired with a solid strategy, social media is a very effective marketing tool. In fact, social media provided this blog with a great exposure opportunity just weeks after its launch. Continue reading

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